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Technology Consulting

Cybereal provides consulting services across the IT spectrum. From systems planning and design to project management and budgeting assistance, Cybereal has the expertise to get the job done. Our consultants have experience working with ERP solutions providers, VoIP integrators, and wiring and infrastructure specialists. That experience allows us to help your business reach its IT goals on time and on budget. Contact one of our consultants today to discuss your IT strategy.

Remote Monitoring & Management

The Cybereal Total Network Management package offers a comprehensive solution for your IT management needs. The CTNM package provides 24/7 monitoring of your network infrastructure, including all servers and PCs on your network. Early detection and automated remediation maximize uptime and systems availability while reporting and performance monitoring provide the insight into systems usage and requirements needed to maximize efficiency. The CTNM system both lowers service time while easing planning and budgeting by allowing business owners and managers to see a detailed view of all devices on your network including performance, warranty status and system production dates. Find out more about the CTNM package by downloading our brochure, or contact a consultant to discuss how this service can help your business.

Cloud Based Services

The IT landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade as services have shifted from in-house technologies to cloud based platforms. Cybereal consultants have been there every step of the way, and we continue to focus on cloud based computing wherever it benefits our clients. Cybereal offers a comprehensive set of cloud-based backup solutions along with malware and anti-virus protection and monitoring. Additional cloud-based services are constantly evaluated and implemented when it is the best solution available. Click here to contact a consultant, or click on a link below for more information.

Cybereal Cloud Backup
Cybereal Cloud Anti-Virus

IT Support & Implementation

At Cybereal, our consultants have decades of combined IT implementation and support experience. While we believe in the mentoring and assistance of those new to the IT field, we know it is experience and knowledge that produce results. That is why all Cybereal consultants and integrators have many years of hands-on experience in the IT industry. Whether it’s implementing virtualized servers, installing and configuring networking equipment, fine-tuning a multi-point Wi-Fi network, or just assisting your with that troublesome PC, Cybereal consultants have the experience to get the job done. Contact Cybereal today do discuss your IT support needs.