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About Cybereal

Cybereal Technology Solutions was formed in April of 2014 in response to the growing need for quality IT services in the southern New England area.  Cybereal provides top tier IT solutions for the small to medium business customer while providing the same solutions and services usually reserved for large corporations with in house IT staff.  While there is no shortage of options for IT services this geographical area, the Cybereal difference is in our personalized and honest approach.

The Run-of-the-Mill IT Service Provider Approach
Most IT providers follow a simple and highly profitable routine: get their name out there by carpet-bomb advertising on local media, provide a well rehearsed presentation by key sales people and engineers, and quote out what appears to be a comprehensive set of monitoring and support solutions.  This initial quote points out security and reliability risks in your existing infrastructure- sometimes legitimate, but often greatly exaggerated, or even fabricated in order for the provider to make a sale of their own high-margin equipment, even when it provides no real advantage to the customer.

After the initial quote is signed and the equipment delivered and installed, those key people who were so keen on winning your business move on to the next customer and leave you with the help desk number to call for support.  When you need assistance you can call that number, only to get a help desk operator with no technical knowledge, who will simply provide a ticket number and estimate of when you can expect to be contacted by a technician.  Their process for ticketing is simple- they assign it to the lowest level tech they have and hope he or she can resolve the issue.  When this person contacts you they are often learning on the job and using your company as their test bed.  In rare cases they are able to resolve the issue, but more often they cause additional down-time by making matters worse. If they are unable to resolve the issue then the ticket gets escalated to a level two technical who has slightly more knowledge, but considerably less availability.  When they are finally available to address your issue, they have a slightly better chance of correcting it, if they are unable to, the cycle continues to level three.

The Cybereal Difference
We focus on word of mouth advertising, relying on our satisfied clients to help us expand- if we’re not doing a good job, we’re not earning new business!  Our initial site evaluation and subsequent presentation are provided by the same people who will be your key contacts and solutions providers throughout the term of our business relationship.  The proposals we provide contain clear pricing on each of the proposed services, and an explanation of the value they provide.

Though it is not uncommon for Cybereal to identify equipment that needs to be replaced in order for us to properly service your organization, we will make our best efforts to work with your existing infrastructure whenever possible.  In situations where new equipment is needed, the reasons will be explained in non-technical terms.  Sometimes it is just aging equipment that is prone to failure.  Sometimes it is residential-grade equipment that does not meet the security and feature requirements needed to secure your business.  Or it may just be “whitebox” hardware or from a manufacturer which we cannot properly support.  But whatever equipment is recommended, you can rest assure that it is the right fit for your business, and not some over-spec’d component meant for a company 3-5 times your size!

Once our business relationship is agreed upon and the initial setup is done, your dedicated consultant will be the primary point of contact for you and your employees.  This person is now your IT concierge and can work with you to resolve existing problems, implement new solutions, and manage all technical projects throughout your organization.  Cybereal has in-house expertise in a wide variety of technologies, but where we don’t have in-house expertise, we have partnerships and business relationships with quality providers who will work with us to address your needs- whether those needs are simply a few new PCs or a company-wide ERP solution, your Cybereal IT consultant can get you the results you need while removing the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors.

Give Cybereal a call today and let us change your view of what IT service really means!

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